ENROLLMENT FOR THE 14th ChanRobles Internet Bar Review for the 2024 Bar Exams

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Getting started with ChanRobles Internet Bar Review requires you to have your computer set up properly. Although ChanRobles Internet Bar Review's streaming videos can be experienced on connections as low as 100k or narrowband/dial-up (300k or faster DSL, Cable, or T1) connections, however, we recommend using broadband  or higher to improve the speed and performance of our thirty-minute/one-hour lecture video stream.

Please scroll down the page to see the lists of Operating Systems and Browsers combinations that are recommended.

Your system must meet the minimum requirements in order to access the streaming video. Minimum requirements are the basic requirements needed to experience ChanRobles Internet Bar Review's streaming videos. Recommended requirements are the requirements to provide you with an enhanced experience with ChanRobles Internet Bar Review's video stream.

For PC-based systems

Components Minimum Requirements Recommended Requirements
Processor PC with a 233MHz or faster processor (Intel Pentium II or greater) PC with 500MHz or faster processor
RAM 2Gb 4Gb or more
Sound Card 16-bit 16-bit
Operating System 2000/ME/XP Windows XP or later
Internet Connection Speed 500kbps (narrowband) 1Mbps or higher
Video Card 16-bit (high-color) or greater 24-bit (true-color) or greater
Screen Resolution 800x600 1024x768 or greater
Media Player Windows Media Player 9 Windows Media Player 10
Macromedia Flash Flash Flash or later
Other Sound card with headphones or loudspeakers. High-quality headphones or external loudspeakers


For Mac-based Computers

Components Minimum Requirements Recommended Requirements
Processor 400MHZz PowerPC G3 processor 500MHz PowerPC G4 processor or Faster
RAM 2Gb 4Gb or more
Operating System Mac OS 10.3.9 Mac OS 10.4 or later
Internet Connection Speed 500kbps (narrowband) 1Mbps or higher
Video Card 16MB video memory 64MB video memory or more
Screen Resolution 800x600 1024x768 or greater
Flash Flash 8 Flash or later
Plug-In FlipforMac version 2.0 FlipforMac Version 2.0 or later



Browser Compatibility Matrix (Recommended)


You will need a current version of Web browser software in order to access the streaming video and the appropriate plugins.


Browsers Required Version Recommended Version

Firefox 1.5.x 2.x or higher
Google Chrome
10.x 10.x or higher
Safari 2.x 3.x or higher


A firewall is a system designed to protect private networks from unauthorized access. Depending on how a firewall is set up, it might block or affect the quality of streaming videos.

Firewalls can exist for a group of computers (like in an office department), and on an individual's computer. The firewall needs to allow streaming video to pass; often it is blocked. If the firewall is set up outside the individual's computer, the system administrator will be needed to open a port to allow streaming video. In case of a personal computer/laptop, when a pop-up message with "allow" and "block" button appears informing you that your computer's firewall blocks the content  of a webpage, just click the "allow" button.

Connection Speed

Higher connection speeds are needed for most video (DSL or better). It is possible to stream video at 56Kbps, but the window size is small and the image and motion quality is poor.

Connection speed can vary - depending on the time of day and level of traffic on your network and on the Internet. As network or web congestion occurs, the playback quality can degrade to the point where the video freezes, continually rebuffers and the audio breaks up.

The more bandwidth required by a streaming file, the more likely network congestion problems will occur.

Better quality is possible with higher bandwidths, but maintaining that bandwidth for an extended period can be a problem.

Technical Assistance

For help with media streaming support, please send your e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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