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ChanRobles On-Line Bar Review

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2023 Bar Passers - ChanRobles Bar Review On-Line - ChanRobles Professional Review, Inc.

2024 ChanRobles Bar Review On-Line - ChanRobles Professional Review, Inc.


2022 ChanRobles Bar Passers - ChanRobles Professional Review, Inc.

2020-2021 Best Bar Ever Passers - ChanRobles Professional Review, Inc.

2020-2021 Best Bar Ever Passers - ChanRobles Professional Review, Inc.


CHANROBLES INTERNET BAR REVIEW is pleased to announce that it has just engaged the services of ROBERT “MEMORY MAN” RACASA, a renowned memory training expert, to do a lecture video series on MEMORY RETENTION TRAINING IN PREPARATION FOR THE BAR EXAMS for our reviewees entitled:


This is part of our continuing commitment to help our reviewees in their comprehensive and holistic preparation for the Bar Exams.

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Welcome Message by Atty. Reynaldo Bustos Robles, Bar Review Director

CONGRATULATIONS to our Seven (7) Topnotchers and 191 Successful ChanRobles Internet Bar Reviewees in the 2019 Bar Exams:

ChanRobles Internet Bar Review Topnotchers



ChanRobles Internet Bar Review Topnotchers and Bar Passers


Prof. Joselito Guianan Chan's BAR REVIEWER ON LABOR LAW, 2019 4th Edition




Welcome to ChanRobles Internet Bar Review, the first and only online pre-bar review course in the Philippines.  

ChanRobles Internet Bar Review is bringing together the best and the brightest pre-bar reviewers in the Philippines in order to offer a comprehensive, compact and intensive on-line review course for the forthcoming 2023 Philippine Bar Exams.

NEW INNOVATIVE FEATURES FOR THE 2023 12th RUN – In addition, ChanRobles Internet Bar Review offers an online coaching and mentoring program to all its online bar reviewees, including new enrollees, re-enrollees, repeaters and undergraduates, for purposes of assisting, coaching and mentoring them in answering essay-type bar examination questions, Case Digests of the recent Supreme Court jurisprudence and other innovative strategies that will effectively aid our reviewees in hurdling the bar exams.

OTHER ADVANTAGES OF THE 2023 12th RUN - ChanRobles Internet Bar Review shall continue to offer bar reviewees, law graduates and law students all over the country several distinct advantages:

  • COMPREHENSIVE - Our course features the leading and most sought-after pre-bar reviewers in the country. Check out our roster of bar reviewers, which includes eminent jurists, bar topnotchers, book authors and past bar-examiners who are truly the leading authorities and most recognizable names in their respective fields.

  • CONVENIENT - You can review and prepare for the bar exams wherever you are, whether you are in Manila or in the province, as long as you have a computer and a reliable internet connection. You can review in the comfort of your home, in the library or even at your favorite coffee shop. You can review at your own pace and in the order you find most convenient.

  • AFFORDABLE - Our course is reasonably priced. Under our one-time early bird promo, you can enroll for the entire course for less than the cost of the regular pre-bar review. You save on time and money because you don’t have to travel. For those who are staying in the province, this translates into a lot of savings in terms of board and lodging costs.

  • FLEXIBILITY - Our course gives you maximum flexibility. Supplemented by your own reading, you can use our course as your primary review resource to prepare for the 2020 Bar Exams. If you are currently enrolled in a regular pre-bar review course, you can use our course materials as a secondary or supplemental review resource to help you in the subjects in which you feel you need more help.

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This service in brought to you by the Chan Robles Professional Review, Inc., a member firm of the ChanRobles Professional Group, the same group that has brought to you the Chan Robles Virtual Law Library, one of the leading world-renowned on-line providers of Philippine and international legal resources


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