ENROLLMENT FOR THE 14th ChanRobles Internet Bar Review for the 2024 Bar Exams

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ChanRobles Bar Passers' Testimonials

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TESTIMONIALS: 2018 - 8th ChanRobles Internet Bar Review Passers


Atty. Winilyn Joei C. Sancho

"My sincerest thank you to all of you, ChanRobles IBRI.

"You helped me a lot especially during the rainy season when I cannot get out of my place to go the library.

"When my eyes were too tired to read, I listen to the lectures while I do other chores or while I jog to relax myself while still on review mode.

"Your materials and the lectures were very helpful.

"Thank you very much for the full scholarship/all free enrollment you gave me.

"May you continue to help future lawyers.


Winilyn Joei C. Sancho

Atty. Victor B. Salting

"Thank you very much!

"ChanRobles Internet Bar Review enabled me to prepare for the Bar Exams in the comforts of our home during the most convenient hours.

"I will proudly recommend it to other law students and bar-takers.

"I hope and pray that I may be able to visit and meet you in the future.

"Again, thank you and God bless."

Atty. V. B. Salting

Atty. Emmanuel A. Landayan

"Thank you very much for your online bar review program.

"I honestly believe it is one of the many reasons why I made the cut, and I want to extend my utmost gratitude to you and to the professor/reviewers in your program.

"Chan-Robles Online Bar Review is very convenient and easy to navigate.

"Keep on doing this kind of good work and I know that you will help many other aspiring lawyers achieve their dreams.

"God bless!"

-Atty. Emmanuel A. Landayan

Atty. Clarice Joy San Jose

"Thank you very much!

"I will continue recommending your review center to friends who will be taking the Bar this year.

"Thank you for giving me the review for free.

"I will forever be grateful for your support. Please share this victory with me.

"God bless you more and more!

"All the best,"

Clarice Joy San Jose

Atty. Rachel Ann Castro

"Thank you very much for all the help ChanRobles provided me during the Bar Review season. I was very impressed with the materials and several lecturers.

"If I could suggest anything, I hope the future enrollees could enjoy a speed-up button on the video lectures like the usual settings in media players.

"Again, thank you!


Rachel Ann Castro

Atty. Ariel Ramirez

"Thank you so much ChanRobles Family. You're such a great help during my bar review.

"Your video lectures are very useful, especially Dean Cruz's Civil Law Lectures.

"Thank you for the scholarship.

"I will recommend your online review to my schoolmates."

Atty. Mysa Jade Mejica

"Thank you so much to all the people behind Chan Robles.

"You were a great part of my journey.

"I learned from the lecture of your professors as well as the testimonies.

"I am certain ChanRobles can prepare more bar reviewees in the future!

Atty. Marcley Natu-el

"Thank you very much ChanRobles Review Center for helping me pass the bar!"

Atty. Jhun Aliman

"Thank you po..

"Naging daan po sa pagkamit ng aking pangarap ang ChanRobles Internet Bar Review.

"Sana po ay marami pa kayong matulungan..

"God bless po.."

Jhun.. .


Atty. Alfredo Cape

"Thank you ChanRobles Bar Review and all the team!

"I wish more students will avail the system because it helps me a lot. God bless"

Atty. Aaron Marc Misa Dimaano

"Maraming salamat din po!

"In solidarity,"

Aaron Marc Misa Dimaano
Bicol, Philippines


Atty. Ethel Catherine Angeles

"Thank you very much to the whole ChanRobles Team! God bless!"

Atty. Flor Ensomo


"Thank you atty for all the help! More power!

"Flor :)"

Atty. Carlo Quirap

"Thank you so much to all the persons behind ChanRobles Online Review.

"More power!"


Atty. Clemente Panganduyon

"Thanks a lot."

Atty. Jomari De Leon

"Hello good evening.

"Thank you for your support!"


Atty. Jacob M. Mella

"Mabuhay po ang Chan Robles Bar Review.

"Maraming maraming salamat po."

Jacob M. Mella


Atty. Joy Ivee Ong

"Thank you for the warm congratulations!

"God bless and more powers."

Atty. Ariel Ramirez

"Thank you so much ChanRobles Family. You're such a great help during my bar review.

"Your video lectures are very useful, especially Dean Cruz's Civil Law Lectures.

"Thank you for the scholarship.

"I will recommend your online review to my schoolmates."

Atty. Mariel Dave M. Gallego

"Thank you very much.

"God bless Chan Robles Bar Reviewers..."

Atty. Venus Leilani Granado

"Thank you.

"The online lecture videos helped me a lot.

"Thank you ChanRobles!"

Atty. Kevin Mizon

"Thank you very much ChanRobles!"

Kevin Mizon


Atty. Katrina Gaw

"Thank you very much!"

Atty. Razna Mano

"Thank you Chan Robles bar review!"

Atty. Nepo Lagumbay

"Thank you po for all everything you've taught us and especially for your assistance in filing my petition to take the bar exam.

"God bless and more power!"

Atty. Yoh Enriquez

"Thank you very much Chan Robles Bar Review!

"Congratulations to all of us!

"God Bless and more power!"


Atty. Jordan Jalbuna

"Thank you very much!"

Atty. Karl Dela Cruz

"Thank you! ChanRobles notes help me a lot in hurdling the bar exam."

Atty. Alen Pita.

"Thank you very much.



Atty. Rustum Doctora

"Thank you! God bless you ChanRobles community!"

Atty. Alpeche

"Thanks Chanrobles"


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