ENROLLMENT FOR THE 14th ChanRobles Internet Bar Review for the 2024 Bar Exams

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ChanRobles Bar Passers' Testimonials

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TESTIMONIALS: 2011 1st ChanRobles Internet Bar Review Passers

Cherry Liez Rafal-Roble: 3rd Placer, 2011 Bar Exams

"Thank u po for chanrobles internet revw. It helped me a lot. More power!"

Rodolfo Aquino: 10th Placer, 2011 Bar Exams


Charisse B. Pena

"Good evening Ma'am/Sir,

I'd like to inform you that I was one of those who enrolled to your online bar review and that I also passed the recent bar examinations.

Thank you for the very helpful multiple choice questions and lectures.


Charisse B. Pena "

Elisa D. Evangelista-Lapina

"I really thank Chan Robles Review Center..... Imagine, I took the bar while in a complicated pregnancy.... I just listened to the lectures while lying down ' cause I couldn't get up since I was always vomiting then.... I was almost on my bed during the review and even during answering your mcqs.... really amazing.... I really thank God for leading me to enrol in Chan Robles Review Center.... Now, my friends have been asking how I did it... just told them back... enrol yourself in Chan Robles..."

Mary Grace C. Panganiban-Mendoza

"I would like to thank you and the whole Chanrobles Internet Bar Review group for the help that you've given me. I have passed the bar. However, I don't see my name in your list of passers. Maybe it's because I used my married name to register. I appear as "Mary Grace C. Panganiban-Mendoza" in the list of passers.

"I am recommending your review program to my friends who are taking the bar. Thank you and God bless you all.


"Atty. Mary Grace C. Panganiban-Mendoza"

Judgee Earl Ross del Castillo


"it was a great help since I only reviewed at home..."

Reggie Duran

"Thanks to Chanrobles.com team, and praise be to God. Push forth with, and be steadfast on your online bar review program, it's always refreshing for reviewees to have options. To me, it worked and delivered.

"More power!"

Demia Ann Agbon-Faytaren

"Thank you! and thank you to all the lecturers of your online bar review.

"After a 5 year hiatus from pursuing my dream to be a full pledged lawyer, all I used for my bar review was your 1st ever ChanRobles online review. I found it complete, effective and updated of all the materials that I needed for my bar review.

"Please give my special thanks to Atty. Chan. He remains for me to be an inspiration in our legal profession. He was my professor in Arellano University for Labor Law Review back in 2002.

"Thank you again and God bless!"

Mayshidee Bernaldez

"I would like to personally thank you and the rest of the Lawyers and staff who are behind this Chanrobles Internet Review. I will forever be grateful to you for giving me an opportunity to review for free. Indeed, I am humbled by the fact that you took time to read my humble request to consider me as your reviewee. I thank you so much for that.

"With much sincerity, I can say that I have learned so much from your review center, not only laws, not only techniques... but more importantly i became more responsible. This way of review needs alot of dedication and patience. With this kind of review method, one must learn how to budget and manage his time to be able to cover if not all at least most of the subjects. I guess the virtues which we have learned in this kind of review method combined with the knowledge and techniques that the professors had unselfishly imparted to us helped us alot in our quest to pass the 2011 Bar exam.

"Again THANK YOU so much!!!

"God I am sure will reward you hundred folds for the help that you extended to us.

"With much Respect,

"Ma. May Shidee Bernaldez"

Angeles Yap

"I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Chan Robles Online Review Center and it's whole faculty for offering this kind of review. It really made things easier for me. Now, I will not be ashamed to tell you that I am already a 47 year old cardiologist practicing for about 12 years in Bukidnon. I took my law at night after my clinic and I took review classes for my first bar exam in Cagayan de Oro (which I failed) on weekends, which is 3-4 hrs from my place. I held clinics during the weekdays. When I failed, the thought of having review classes all over again made me think twice of taking another bar exam. Your online review was heavensent. Now I was telling barristers situated like mine to avail of the same.

"Dra. Yap"

Mishiele O. Atangan-Villagracia

"I am very grateful for all the help that you have extended me. The review materials from ChanRobles Professional Review, Inc. were extremely useful during my bar review.

"Thank you very much and more power!

"Atty. Mishiele O. Atangan-Villagracia, CPA"

Warren Yap, Jr.

"I am a graduate of Holy Name University. Before, one of the issues that reviewees faced was whether to attend all the lectures or not. Remember that if you attend almost all the lectures, you'll probably be short on time for your own self-study. ChanRobles changed all that. Now, you can listen to all the lectures at your own pleasure and you can easily preview the lectures to gauge whether you should take it or not. It's like having the best of both worlds!

"Thank you ChanRobles!"

Joseph Y. Ang

"Thank you very much.

"I would like also to express my gratitude to the people who are behind the ChanRobles Internet Reviewer, which played a big factor on my passing the 2010 Bar exams.

"Many had doubted my chance because I was not able to take any leave of absence from work to devote full time in my review and attend a regular review classes. But with this internet-based review school, I was still able to get sufficient lectures and materials about laws from your highly esteemed reviewers. This became my saving grace. I could easily access the review site wherever the opportunity allowed me to do so, during break time, after office hours, after midnight and even while spending time with my family on weekends. And this had gave me the needed confidence during the bar examinations itself, knowing that I was guided accordingly by what I gathered and learned from your review site.

"Mabuhay and keep up the good work!

"Joseph Y. Ang"

Rebecca S. Francisco-Simbillo

"Good day.

"I would like to thank Chan-Robles and the rest of the men & women behind this innovative and far-reaching review program for the great help in making my Bar review a relaxing and comfortable one. I was able to review while resting my eyes and my back in the comfort of my room anytime, no time was wasted.

"The reviewers are proficient in their respective subject areas, you can never ask for more.

"Special thanks to my dearest professor Atty. Joselito Guianan Chan for making Labor Law an interesting and exciting subject. It used to be one of my waterloos but because of him, Labor Law became one of my favorite one.

"Again thank you so much to Chan-Robles Internet Bar Review.

"More Power!

"God Bless you a thousandfold…

"Yours truly,

"Rebecca S. Francisco-Simbillo"

Hjoan P. Espina

"Thank you po, ChanRobles Internet Bar Review. I made it in the 2011 Bar Examinations. I’m #700 ESPIÑA, HJOAN P.!!! I won’t be where I am today if it wasn’t because of you. Your method was very helpful and effective for me. For most of the pre-bar months I was in Northern Samar, reviewing in my own pace, time and schedule, and most of all, in the comfort of our own home.

"Let me likewise congratulate the people behind the First ChanRobles Online Bar Review, the staffs, the reviewers/lecturers. Your method of the 2011 bar review was indeed a success.

"God bless you all po and more power."

Gina Gualingco-Gomez

"I would like to thank your good office for the help you extended during the review. I also passed the bar exam but my name was listed as GUALINGCO-GOMEZ GINA.My heartfelt gratitude to you and those behind this noble endeavor.Thank You!!!"

Leah Dalton

"hello there, and to all the staff and the brilliant minds behind chanroblesbar,

"Thank you for well-wishing. True enough, chanroblesbar has helped me in, I would say, "surviving the unknown". Since the system implemented is really new to the bar candidates, the best tools are really the drive to study and of course, fervent prayers. Again, thanks to chanroblesbar because it has made my review then a lot more convenient and also efficient.

"Good luck on your 2nd year!


"Leah Dal"

Wilhelmina Aileen B. Mayuga

"Thank you very much! The ChanRobles Online Bar Review helped tremendously in preparing me for the Bar Exams. I wish you more success, especially in extending your excellent services to bar reviewees.


"Wilhelmina Aileen B. Mayuga"

Marnito B. Cosep

"thanks so much. the Chanrobles Professional Review, Inc. has contributed so much in my passing the 2011 bar exams.

"God bless you.

"MB Cosep"

Leonard A. Griño

"Thank you very much!

"Please extend extend my sincerest gratitude to the staff and officers of the ChanRobles Professional Review Inc. The free-access to your on-line review was such a great help during the final assault of my review.

"Let me express my appreciation by sharing and spreading to bar reviewees and law students how the ChanRobles On-line Review helped me in my preparation.

"You are a blessing! God bless!

"With all gratitude,

"Leonard A. Griño"

Robert Madara

"Thank you ChanRobles Professional Review, Inc. for helping me to achieve my dream to become a lawyer. More power and God bless."

Therese Guiao

"Thank you very much. ChanRobles Review was very helpful.

"Thank you again!


"Therese Guiao"

Divina Katrina R. Lomoljo

"Thank you, Atty. Chan and the rest of the staff of ChanRobles Professional Review, Inc.! I would not have made it without your help. I will do my best to make my career in law indeed a successful one!

"Yours truly,

"Divina Katrina R. Lomoljo"

Val J. Espiritu

"I wish I can have a picture taking with all of you guys in the ChanRobles Professional Bar Review,Inc. during the oathtaking ceremony.

"To God be all the glory!

"Best regards."

Liezl Yap Cua

"Thank you so much! Your program has been a great help!"

Jordan Falces

"maraming salamat po."

Juvic Degala

"Thank you very much for sharing with me the badly needed on line materials and quality instructions from chan robles. I am proud to be a product of your review center."

Francis Angelo Lopez

"The ChanRobles Professional Review, Inc. was a great help to my passing the bar examinations. I can't thank you enough for your innovation which offers the unlimited access to lectures and review materials which was a great convenience for us who lives in the province. Again Thank you and God Bless!

"Atty. Francis Angelo A. Lopez"

Lourdines Dela Cruz

"I owe a lot to ChanRobles Prof Review Inc.

"More Power!!!"

Karen Joyce Go

"Thank you so much to chan robles internet bar review! Good job! =)"

Hazel Helmuth

"I only reviewed under Chan Robles and last minute lectures sponsored by my law school (AUSL). I'm very happy. Thank you so much."

Brian Zuniga

"thank you very much the instructional videos and review materials provided in your site played a signifcant role in my success in the recently concluded bar examinations."

Ryan Neil Lofranco

"Thank you for the guidance and support...Maraming maraming salamat...."

Michelle Tesalona

":) ChanRobles Review Center was a big help. i am grateful! salamat po and God Bless."

Gail Ramos

"Thank you so much!!! You just don't know what you and ChanRobles Internet Bar Review did for me. I really thank God that for the first time, you have this review program and I availed it. Have a great day!



Desiree Charmaine

"Thank you ChanRobles . . ."

Baguilat, Raymond Marvic C.

"Maraming salamat din po sa inyo at sa ChanRobles Professional Review, Inc.! Naway makatulong pa po kayo sa mga future bar candidates!"

PJ Purganan

"Thank you. ChanRobles Professional Review really helped me through the bar review."

Christiann Leonard Agodon

"Thank you."

John Elumba

"Thank you very much...ang laki ng natulong sa inyong on-line review. I already spread the good news that there's an on-line internet review...KEEP IT UP AND MORE POWER


Ma. Jasmine Lood

"salamat sa inyo. Pakisabi po kay Atty. Chan na: Maraming Salamat talaga. God be with him all the days of his life.

"More power to ChanRobles Professional Review, Inc.!"


"Thank you :) your review program helped me a lot in hurdling the bar exams!:) more power to you all!


"Elizabeth li :)"

Danilo Dividina


Leslie Pedroza

"thank you"

Bu Layug

"Thank you po :) God bless. ü"

Arnie Joy Gallo

"Thank you very much."

Liezl Y. Cua

"Thank you so much! Your program has been a great help!"

Cindy Sungahid

"Thank you so much.

"Truly Yours,

"Cindy Sungahid"


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