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(a) Enroll for the 12th ChanRobles Internet Bar Review Course:

Note: Each enrollee can only avail of one (1) form of discount.

Regular Rate - Those who will enroll starting on 15 January 2023 shall be charged the regular rate of PhP13,500.00 (Full payment upon enrollment)

Special 10% discounted rate for Bar Retakers, frat or sorority members, ChanRobles Bar re-enrollees, and government employees for PhP12,150.00* (Full payment upon enrollment);

      * PhP13,500.00 less 10% or PhP1,350.00 = PhP12,150.00

Special 25% discounted rate for undergraduates for PhP10,125.00* (Full payment upon enrollment Note: Please provide school Certificate of Registration);

      * PhP13,500.00 less 25%% or PhP3,375.00 = PhP10,125.00

Full Scholarship (100% Tuition Fee Discount) for all Top Five (5) Graduates of Batch 2023 of Any Law School in the Philippines. (Certification from Law School required).

EASY PAYMENT SCHEME (EPS) PhP13,500.00 - For those who wish to avail of our EASY PAYMENT SCHEME, you can pay thru three (3) easy installments in accordance with the following schedule:

      1st Installment : P5,000.00 upon enrollment.
      2nd Installment : P5,000.00 on or before April 30, 2023; and
      3rd Installment : P3,500.00 on or before June 30, 2023.

(Easy Payment Scheme is NOT available should you choose to avail of the special discounts offered for undergraduates, retakers, frat or sorority members, ChanRobles Re-enrollees, and government employees.)

(b) Enroll for the separate / stand-alone / optional bar review services:
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Account Name: ChanRobles Professional Review, Inc.
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Bank Name: BPI - Tektite Ortigas Center Branch

Swift Code: BOPIPHMM

Account Name: ChanRobles Professional Review, Inc.
Account No.: 00-3438-0205-27
Bank Name: BDO - Tektite Ortigas Center Branch

Swift Code: BOPIPHMM

Should you choose to pay via GCash, please transfer/remit the amount to either of the above accounts using only CHANROBLES PROFESSIONAL REVIEW as the account name without the INC.

If you have already deposited/remitted/transferred via online your enrollment fee, please e-mail the picture/screenshot/scanned copy of the deposit slip/fund transfer confirmation/remittance, together with two (2) valid identification card (ID), for Undergraduate, please include school Certificate of Registration to [email protected] and [email protected] or fax it to 8584-7801 or 8634-0736 with your name on it.

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